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Our vision starts by doing what is necessary then what is possible and suddenly doing the impossible

Neurology is branch of medicine involved in care of patients who present with neurological disorders and these comprise 7 % of hospital visits worldwide :headache and pain , weakness, numbness, gait and speech problem, abnormal psychosomatic disorders and sleep disturbances, vision and hearing disorder ,vertigo ,memory disorder ,abnormal movement ,fainting these are some to name .Neurology scope of work is to provide integrated multidisciplinary approach to provide accurate diagnosis by targeted investigation aiming to provide correct treatment and probably a cure. Neurological diseases may be acute like viral and bacterial infections ,stroke ,acute neuropathy or may be subacute like cranial or peripheral nerves disorder Bells palsy and carpal tunnel syndrome or Ulnar or radial neuropathy, multiple sclerosis ,migraine ,epilepsy, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, and neuromuscular disorders like myasthenia gravis.Other neurological disorder are chronic and these are degenerative and hereditary disorders like ALS , muscle Dystrophies and hereditary neuropathies and ataxias.

Al-EMADI HOSPITAL integrated neurological services include:
  • Dedicated outpatient space and staff.
  • Adequate number of consultants.
  • Adequate access to supportive diagnostic services including Neuroradiology with MRI AND CT SCAN, Neurophysiology with EEG, EMG-NCS ,VEP AND BAER.
  • Adequate access to physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.
  • Best practice use of Botox and local injection therapy.
Neurologist in Qatar