Who are we?

Al Emadi Hospital was established in 1998.

To become one of the founders of the private health sector in the State of Qatar

Its Founder, Surgeon Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Emadi, dreamed to establish a hospital that would care for the patients, and translate his own knowledge that he received in the universities and hospitals of Ireland, and then through his work as a Medical Director at the Hamad General Hospital. Now, this dream has become a tangible reality after placing the first building block in the Al-Hilal region.

The Hospital continued to improve year after year, until it peaked in 2016 with the opening of the outpatient clinics’ building, and the Al-Emadi Hospital clinics in the north at the Izghawa Area,

To become an umbrella medical group,

It brings together the most famous and prominent consultants and qualified doctors, and the most skilled technicians with the latest medical technologies, which keep up with the scientific modernity; and help in providing accurate diagnosis and ensuring the patient’s safety; and that is through the best use of the technological equipment and the scientific development, coupled with the development of human intelligence and the advancement of the scientific man.

Al Emadi Hospital has a group of the most skilled and famous consultants and doctors, throughout the comprehensive medical specializations it offers; as they are the pillar of the Hospital and its actual value, as well as its success partners, who share the long experience that the Hospital achieved in more than twenty-five years,

This is in addition to the medical technicians, administrative staff and people working in the various departments that support each other; so that the patient or visitor will find comfort while receiving healthcare.

So who are we? We are a big family, with all of its members, each in his/her respective field and specialization; because there is no place and no one can take better care of a person: than his family!

Al Emadi Hospital is the first private hospital in Qatar to receive the “Platinum Level” from the Accreditation Canada International (ACI); which is the highest degree awarded globally for excellence in high-quality medical and administrative standards and practices.

In addition to the Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (COEMBS) Certificate Issued by the American Surgical Review Corporation

And many other international and local certificates; in addition to certificates for doctors and distinguished persons, such as the Outstanding Surgeon Certificate awarded to the Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Emadi, in recognition of his outstanding efforts in this field.