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We are  a Hospital that has been in business for 13 years providing top local medical care.

Visiting Hours

Business hours:

Inp Visit Time 7:00 – 23:00
ER Visit23:00 – 6:00
Nursery Only Parents

Phone number:

44-666-009 for nonstop emergency service

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We are a Hospital that has been in business for 13 years providing top local medical care.

Al-Emadi Hospital provides a wide range of medical services. Our continuous development and investment in technology, medical expertise and support facilities have contributed to the hospital’s' current stature as one of the most distinguished in Qatar.

Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and massage
Our Vision

Our Vision

“To deliver comprehensive, patient-centered medical services guided by the highest international standards of healthcare.
. Services are quality-driven and cost-effective.”

Our Mission

Our Mission

“To be a distinguished, model healthcare institution that provides high quality, accessible and comprehensive health care services to our patient population.



All employees of Al Emadi Hospital believe and practice these core values, PATIENTS FIRST, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE and TEAMWORK.



Inpatient services are provided to patients during a hospital stay. Patients are typically admitted to a hospital for an acute illness, planned surgery or medical observation and tests. Most hospital admissions come from the Emergency Department or are referred by our clinics.Outpatient services are provided to patients at the doctor’s clinics, Daycare or Emergency Department without the need for an overnight stay.

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Albert Edwards

I'm very thankful to Al Emadi Hospital! Best Services Ever, Staff very Cute and smiling always , really i like it

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Kimberly Davidson

Al Emadi hospital, or health care facility that treats a wide variety of diseases and injuries. When this is a hospital, it is also called a general hospital. with best services offered ever

Kimberly Davidson
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Non Stop


Non Stop Service


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Waiting Times

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