Gastric Banding Surgery

At Al Emadi Hospital, Gastric Banding Surgery in Qatar, we reduce the stock size by inserting a band around the stomach immediately underneath where the oesophagus and stomach merge. The band’s inner membrane can be linked either with bicycle tire or with the balloon. This balloon is connected to a subdermal port with a fine tube. After one month of operation, the band is bloated with serum injections, through a port. After gastric banding surgery, stomach usually gets filled with one ounce of food. Hence the patient feels full quickly which helps in weight loss. In gastric banding, a plastic tube connects the band with a device present under the skin. It becomes possible to inject or remove saline from the skin through this band. Saline injection fills the band and tightens it. This technique helps in adjusting weight and reduces side effects.

Gastric Banding Surgery in Qatar

Gastric band, commonly known as a lap band in Doha, Qatar reduces around 35-45% of total weight. However, its results differ widely. This technique is the safest one and is considered as least invasive and is reversible. This laparoscopic surgery takes around 1 hour to complete and general anaesthesia is given to the patient. Usually, patients can go home on the same day, and they come back to their normal routine after a few days. Some risk is involved in this surgery, but this process is considered as safest among bariatric surgical procedures.

Lap band surgery offers the following benefits:
  • Least invasive weight loss procedure
  • Minimal trauma
  • Needs no cutting or stapling of the stomach
  • Quick recovery
  • Experience less pain
  • Shorter hospital stays


  • It is a very safe operation as compared to gastric bypass and other operations. Recovery is usually faster, and you can have surgery to remove the band.
  • The band is adjusted in doctor’s office. Additional saline solution is injected into the band for tightening it and restricting the size of the stomach. Also, to lose it, the doctor uses a needle to remove liquid from the band.
  • This type of instant weight loss technique saves the patient from other problems like blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea.
  • This surgery reduces weight up to 50% and the results can last for up to 2 years.
  • This surgery never interferes with food absorption; hence avoid the situation of vitamin deficiencies.


  • Gastric banding surgery in Qatar takes more time as compared to gastric bypass surgery.