Audio-Vestibular Medicine

Audio-vestibular medicine unit is concerned with world class services to diagnose, treat, habilitate and rehabilitate cases with hearing, tinnitus and dizziness in both adults and children. It is also concerned with screening for hearing and balance in adults and neonates. It deals with neonates starting from day one of life. The audio-vestibular medicine unit is equipped with the most recent and advanced instruments. It produces highly professional services.The department provides various treatments including but not limited to:

Audio-Vestibular Medicine in Doha

Outpatient clinic services

Hearing Service
  • Pure tone audiometry.
  • Eustachian tube function test.
  • Neonatal hearing screening.
  • ABR for hearing thresholds.
  • Speech audiometry.
  • Sound field audiometry.
  • Hearing screening for adults.
  • ABR for neuro-otological purposes and early detection of 8th cranial nerve and brainstem tumours.
  • Tympanometry and acoustic reflex thresholds.
  • Play audiometry.
  • Aided response audiometry.
  • Oto acoustic emissions.
Balance services
  • VNG
  • Caloric test
  • VEMP
Rehabilitation services
  • Habilitation and Rehabilitations for hearing loss and CI patients.
  • Rehabilitations for tinnitus cases.
  • Fitting of the most recent and advanced hearing aids.
  • Rehabilitations for vestibular migraine cases.
  • Rehabilitations for vestibular cases.
Other services
  • Management of difficult and complicated vestibular cases.
  • Intra tympanic injections for sudden sensory hearing loss and Meniere’s disease cases.
  • We have the most recent and smallest hearing aids.
  • GSI Audiostar Pro 2 channels Audiometer.
  • Interacoustic Titan middle ear analyser with broad band stimulation.
  • Biologic navigator for ABR and auditory evoked potentials.
  • Large soundproof booth for audiometric test Puma Model PRO 45.
  • GSI 38 tympanometer.
  • Micro medical 4 channels for Video nystagmography.
  • GSI Corti diagnostic and screening Oto Acoustic Emission.
  • Maico MB 11 BERAphone for ABR screening.