• Al-Emadi Hospital

    Welcome to Al Emadi Hospital , we are confident that with your support, we will continue to offer the highest standards of quality healthcare in Qatar.
  • High Quality Surgery

    We offer the finest services and most successful surgical Procedures. We have the most skilled surgeons in the State of Qatar and the Arabian Gulf...
  • Endless Hospitality

    The hospital departments are designed and organized to offer a comfortable, smooth and efficient services to patients...      
  • Confortable Suites

    Confortable and luxurious rooms and suites special VIP. Al-Emadi Hospital always sought to provide the finest medical services and ensure the well-being of patients...
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Welcome to Alemadi Hospital

  • Medical Staff
  • History
  • Endless Hospitality
  • Patient Inquieries

Proud of our Staff Members

We have recruited internationally qualified medical and support staff. We are very proud of our staff members who work hard to provide you with high quality medical care, together with a warm and caring attitude and always with customer service  in mind. We are fully committed to this kind of quality approach in our organization, using American standards and customer service concepts, and we are confident that with your support, we will continue to offer the highest standards of quality healthcare in Qatar.

About Al-Emadi Hospital

Al Emadi Hospital was established in the year 2004 by a prominent gulf surgeon – Dr Mohamed Al Emadi, as a private, acute care, general (medical/surgical) hospital whose mission is to deliver comprehensive medical services, guided by the highest international standards. Our healthcare services are designed to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the patients. This is achieved by combining medical ethics with the latest technology, and is run by specialized personnel. Therefore the hospital was planned and equipped to meet these standards.

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 Al-Emadi Hospital Endless Hospitlity. +

Al-Emadi Hospital

Endless Hospitality

 Fancy suites for VIPs are available to offer the highest quality level of hotel and medical services . +

Inpatient Department

VIP Suites

 Nurses are equipped with the highest level of khnowledge and compentence . +

Nursing Department

good skills

Patient Approval Inquieries

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Vision and Mission

Board of Directors

  • Dr.Mohamed Alemadi Chairman of the board of Directors
  • Mr.Abdulla Alemadi Vice Chairman of the board of Directors
  • Mr.Abdulrahman Alemadi Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Dr.Abdulelah Adimi Medical Director
  • Mr.Abdulrahman Jabr Director of Public relations and Marketing