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The stomach is divided with a laparoscopic stapler. Most of the stomach is no longer attached to the esophagus and will no longer receive food. Your new stomach is much smaller and shaped like a small tube. We bypass 150 to 200 cm of intestines. The surgeon will attach the remainder of the intestines to the new stomach. After surgery food will pass into small tube like stomach and will bypass 150 to 200 cm intestine. Normal digestive procedure will carry out in the remaining intestine. In addition to its great results on weight loss, the mini-gastric bypass is an excellent procedure for type 2 diabetes, even in the non-obese patients, with high remission rates.

This Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Qatar was developed by considering its less operating time and simplicity. Mini gastric bypass reduces stomach size and reroutes intestines because of which patient feels full even with small meals, absorbs less calories, lose ¾ of weight in 2 years, improves health. As compared to gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass involves low complications and minimum size effects.

Because of its simplicity mini gastric bypass can minimize the chances of post-surgical complications. Patient can live a healthy lifestyle after surgery with sustained weight loss. Mini-gastric bypass is a good option to reduce unhealthy weight and is enjoying high success rate. It is true that MGB can help in weight loss, but it totally depends on patients’ ability to maintain healthy lifestyle followed by regular exercise and diet.

This bariactric surgery is a good option for morbidly obese patients as it reduces significant amount of weight.

  • Much safer alternative to a traditional Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and significantly cutting the risk of post gastric bypass complications and faster recovery time faster.
  • Less morbidity rates and fewer revisions have been documented after the mini gastric bypass as no major surgery is involved as compared to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass alternative.
  • Weight loss after the procedure is comparative to the traditional bypass options.
  • Fewer invasive are involved, which makes the surgery much safer as compared to gastric bypass. Also fewer incisions are made in the body which reduces the complexity of surgery.
  • Surgery takes less time and the patient may be discharged from hospital within 24 hours.
  • Less rerouting of intestine is needed which makes the surgery technically simple and increases the chances of success rate.
  • This MGB surgery is less costly.
  • Less invasive results in quick healing process. A patient can start his normal routine life within a week.
  • Less intestine connections are made.
  • Even though the bariactric surgery involves less invasive, still the possibility of potential infection risk remains in this procedure.
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