Gastric Balloon Surgery

Intragastric balloon, is a non-surgical weight-loss procedure which involves the insertion of a balloon inside the stomach to fill space and limit the food carrying capacity of the stomach. This makes you feel full fast and limits your intake portions. The procedure is temporary and the balloon is usually removed after a period of 6 months and Gastric Balloon Surgery is indicated for the following patients:

  • BMI 27-40 kg/m2
  • Unable to lose weight with exercise and diet

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It is a simple, non-surgical and fast procedure. It is done under moderate sedation and is completed in just about 20 minutes. It does not leave any scars on your body and On average, 3 times as much weight loss is achieved compared to diet and exercise alone.


Due to it’s a temporary procedure that must be followed by sensible eating habits and exercise while the balloon is inside stomach and after the balloon is removed and sometimes It may cause a feeling of nausea and discomfort in certain individuals.

  • There is a slight possibility of a leak and deflation of the balloon in the stomach