Gastric Balloon Surgery

Intragastric balloon is a non-surgical weight-loss procedure which involves the insertion of a balloon inside the stomach to fill space and limit the food carrying capacity of the stomach. This makes you feel full fast and limits your intake portions. This type of technique is temporary and usually the balloon is removed after 6 months. This surgery is suggested for following patients

  • BMI 27-40 kg/m2
  • Unable to lose weight with exercise and diet

From the mouth the balloon is inserted into the stomach. Firstly, an endoscopic camera is introduced in the stomach. In case of no abnormalities, balloon is inserted below oesophagus into stomach through mouth. Once balloon insertion is done, the balloon is filled with sterile saline solution through a tube attached with the balloon. Once filled the tube is removed from the mouth, keeping the balloon as it is in the mouth.

Gastric Balloon Surgery in Qatar

Gastric Balloon Surgery for Weight Loss in Qatar at Al Emadi Hospital is done by specialized gastroenterologist along with anesthetist and nursing staff. The complete procedure takes around 20 minutes. As Weight Loss surgery in Oman takes less time, usual, y the patients are discharged after 2 hours of balloon insertion.

Gastric balloon surgery in Qatar is suitable for those who ideally have to lose 10-30 kg of weight. It is also done on people for whom other forms of surgery are not suggested. The side effects of this surgery can be experienced only for 5 days of insertion, in which the first 3 days are more crucial.

Before going for gastric balloon surgery, doctor will inform you about post-procedure diet. You may get suggestions on different exercise programs which help you in weight loss. Before undergoing surgery, patient should not eat anything for 12 hours or drink 6 hours before the surgery.


  • This non-surgical procedure is simple and quick. No scars are formed after surgery. Patient usually loses 3 times more weight as compared with diet and exercise.
  • This surgery is preferred by many patients as it is not time taking and its guidelines are not as strict as other surgeries. It is a pocket friendly procedure.
  • Balloon is kept inside for 6 months, in this duration patient becomes habitual of eating less.
  • As no digestive organs are tampered, this surgery is reversible by taking out the balloon.


  • Some patients may feel discomfort or nausea. Doctor may suggest some meditations for overcoming such symptoms and the dietician may advice some food, related with these symptoms.

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