At Al Emadi Hospital, Department of Radiology provides a complete array of diagnostic imaging services like MRI & CT Scan for uninterrupted patient diagnosis and care in support & commitment to excellence in medical care in Doha. Our Radiology division provides state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services for patients using computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radionuclide imaging (nuclear medicine), ultrasonography (US), and conventional radiography (X-ray). We also perform a wide variety of therapeutic interventional procedures using advanced image-guided techniques. We care for a diverse range of patients, providing extensive radiology support for in-patient services and out-patient clinics. Our centre provides the following diagnostic facilities:

MRI Scan

  • The closed high-field MRI creates clear, concise images of almost any part of the body, at any angle, without X-Rays. These precise images can lead to early detection and treatment of disease, especially brain and nervous system disorders, cancer, musculoskeletal problems and vascular disease.

CT Scan

  • The CT scanner is capable of 2D and 3D imaging with a larger bore all in a single examination within a very short time. We have the facilities to perform cerebral, pulmonary and cardiac-coronary CT angiography.

Al-Emadi Hospital was established in 2004 by prominent surgeon Dr Mohamed Al-Emadi as a private, acute care, general (medical/surgical) hospital whose mission is to deliver comprehensive medical services and healthcare, guided by the highest international standards.

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