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"Al Emadi Hospital Organizes an Awareness Campaign in observance of World Obesity Day”

Doha- 27 October, 2018, Al Emadi Hospital, in line with its commitment preventing and fighting the spread of obesity organized last week a 3-day awareness campaign highlighting the effects of obesity on the health and promoting ways to prevent it and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The participation in the initiative was through an awareness campaign held at the Outpatient Clinics building at Al Emadi Hospital in the presence of the Hospital’s staff, patients, families and their children.

The highlights of the event included screening videos about the effects of obesity - a condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it could have a negative effect on the health, in addition to distribution of flyers about the best ways to prevent it and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Large number participated in the activity, not only from Al Emadi Hospital’s healthcare providers and staff but also from patients and families including children. Hospital nursing staff also measured visitors' height, weight, body mass index and body composition, and provided visitors with information about maintaining a healthy diet, the importance of daily physical exercise and the importance of physical activity as a strategy to prevent obesity.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Emadi, Chairman and Senior Consultant General and Laparoscopic and Bariatric surgery at Al Emadi Hospital said: “Al Emadi Hospital is always keen to participate in this initiative as obesity is a major risk for developing serious diseases, including coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other health problems".

Dr. Emadi added that the unhealthy eating habits and the lack of physical activity are significant reasons for developing obesity, and stressed that obesity can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. However patients that can’t lose weight through healthy eating habits and sports programs can undergo bariatric surgeries, as these surgeries are now considered to be one of the most successful ways of treating morbid obesity, as many metabolic diseases like Type 2 diabetes can be corrected by bariatric surgeries and can be cured completely post-surgery in some cases, but it is important for patients to continue with their follow up after surgery and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid weight regain.

In this regard, last year Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Emadi Medical Group Opened 3 centers to help patients with their follow up after surgery, “Al Emadi Physiotherapy Center”, “BMI Fitness Center” and “Regime Nutrition Center”, which give the patients after the surgery complete fitness and diet programs to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

World Obesity Day was launched in 2015 to stimulate and support practical solutions to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and to reverse the obesity crisis. With the aim to increase awareness, encourage advocacy, improve policies, and share experiences.

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