Dr. Asrar Al Akram, General Scope Dentist

  Dental Department 

  General Scope Dentist || Nationality : Iraq|| Licence Number : 546| Email :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |Department :Dental.

Education & Activity :

Bachelor Degree in Oral and Dental Surgery

College of Dentistry-Baghdad University 2000

Professional Diploma in Endodontic Sciences .. Bpp University - London Dental School ... March 2015  

Dental experience more than 11 years in Iraq and Qatar
Start of work in Al-Emadi Hospital since February 2010; performing highly qualified dental teckniques that makes patients completely satisfied with the results ,, and good tolerability for uncooperative children with recent manners for their treatment...

Skills & Experiences:

Root canal treatments
Composite Fillings
Dental treatment of children
Full and Partial Dentures
Fixed Ceramic Crowns and Bridges
Gum treatment
Cleaning and Whitening of teeth with the recent developemental programmes that acheive a" Beautifull Smile "which is our main target.

For Patients | Department Schedule
Dr. Assrar 07:00am-3:00pm 07:00am-3:00pm 07:00am-3:00pm 03:00pm-11:00pm 03:00pm-11:00pm 03:00pm-11:00pm

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